A Childminding Initiative has been rolled out over the last few years aimed at supporting those providing childminding services or those thinking of becoming childminders.

Broadly speaking there are three main areas of work.:

  • Training               childminders pic
  • Networking
  • Information
  1. Download our guide to Choosing a Childminder
  2. We would advise anyone thinking of becoming a childminder or operating as a childminder to read the national guidelines for childminders

Over the last number of years LCCC offered a free Quality Awareness training programme to Childminders or those who were thinking of becoming a childminder.    This training is part of  the criteria for applying for the Childminding Development Grant.  For more information and details of this years training please see our Training schedule which will be online in the coming weeks.

Childminders Database

Are you a Childminder? Would you like to be included on our database?  If so please contact our office on 057 86 61029 or email