Application process

Phase 2 comprises an application form which will be available to complete and submit on the Early Years Hive.

All services must have an account set up on the Hive and will need to use their username and password to log in and access the form. Invitation links have been sent to the PAU of any organisation who has not previously registered on the Early Years Hive but has accepted the terms and conditions of the Funding Agreement. Service providers do not need to complete all readiness steps or activate an NCS contract in order to submit this application form.

The PAU will be required to complete a number of questions for each employee per facility, including information on their pre-COVID-19 Average Revenue Net Weekly Pay (ARNWP).

Completion of the application form is mandatory and is a condition of the TWSCS Funding Agreement and the deadline for completing the form is 1 July.


Funding Agreement closing date – 10 June (or 1 week in advance of the Revenue TWSS closing)

Application form opening date – 11 May and closing date – 1 July


The next scheduled payment of 22 May will be made only to services who have completed and submitted a Funding Agreement and application by 1pm Tuesday 19 May.

These payments will be based on information provided in the application form. The payment amounts calculated will be reconciled with any preliminary payments already made, and a payment will be made, if due, on 22 May. If an overpayment has occurred, no payment will be issued and it will roll over and be reconciled against next payment due on 5 June. If an overpayment still exists, this will be reconciled against future payments under ELC and SAC programmes (ECCE, AIM, NCS, CCSP, TEC).

An announcement will be posted on Monday, 11 May on the PIP Portal with a step-by-step application guide for completing the form.

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