Please be aware that this week’s payments have been made to all services who submitted the TWSCS funding agreement and an application form by Tuesday, 2nd June.

Applications ‘In Review’

Any providers whose applications are still in review will receive a further preliminary payment for one week. These providers can still make changes to the application form. Please refer to Step 6 – Reviewing a submitted Application Form on how to edit and resubmit the form in the Application Guidance Document.

Applications ‘Calculated’

Any providers whose applications have been calculated will receive payments based on the information in the application form, and should receive a further two weeks payment to 19th June. Preliminary payments paid to date will have been reconciled against the actual payment due. Where an overpayment is identified in this reconciliation, no payment will be issued this week. If your application has a status of ‘Calculated’ on the Early Years Hive then changes cannot be made until a later date, which will be communicated in due course.

A payment breakdown view will be available for service providers on the Early Years Hive at the end of June.

If you have any queries, please email or raise a service request on the Hive.

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