Parent & Toddler Groups

picParent and Toddler groups are a great place for parents (both mothers & fathers) but also grandparents, guardians, childminders and carers to get together and provide a fun filled environment in which their children, usually under 5, can play. A small charge usually arises for participants, which helps pay for the toys, insurance, craft activities and refreshments. You can attend a Parent & Toddler Group with a new born baby, a baby who has just learnt to sit, a toddler and a pre-schooler, or a combination of the above.

It provides children with a great starting point to get used to a populated setting which can make the transition to pre-school easier. Group activities also help children build their social skills as it gives them the opportunity to interact with other children. For parents these groups can be a great source of support. It provides an opportunity to meet with other parents in your locality and share experiences, tips and information.

Groups can organise speakers to address the parents on issues that interest them e.g. nutrition, child development, speech therapy and the value of play or arrange a meeting with the public health nurse etc. There are currently 17 Parent & Toddler Groups in Laois.

Parent and Toddler grants are generally available on an annual basis.

LCCC offers support and advice to those wishing to set up a group or those currently operating groups within the county. If there is not currently a Parent & Toddler Group in your area and you would like to set one up, please see the parent and toddler information booklet below or contact LCCC on 05786-61029 for further information.

Click here to download:  Parent and Toddler Information Pack