CCSP (TEC Final Year) Saver

A CCSP (TEC Final Year) Saver is a person who, on the 14th February 2020, was a participant of TEC, and who chose not to move to the NCS and whose eligibility end date (as per the initial letter of eligibility) extends into the 2021/2022 programme year.

The beneficiaries who remain eligible, subject to the following conditions set out hereunder, can choose to avail of subsidised childcare on the CCSP Saver Programme for the 2021/2022 programme year i.e. 16th August 2021 to 12th August 2022.

An eligible child must be: 1. Under the age of 15 years and; 17

  1. Registered on TEC prior to its’ closure to new registrations on 14th February 2020;
  2. In attendance at a TUSLA registered service;
  3. Registered by a Service Provider on the PIP online system under the CCSP Saver Programme Funding Agreement, and,
  4. In attendance in a service in accordance with the session type and pattern of attendance that the child has been registered as on PIP. A check for the identified eligible CCSP (TEC Final Year) participants

Find out more about the scheme in the full programme rules document CCSP Saver Programme Rules 2021-22 version 2 (1)

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