The National Action Plan for Childminding (NAPC) was launched in April 2021. Representation of childminders and consultation with childminders will be essential to the implementation of the NAPC.

To begin this representation and consultation process, the DCEDIY are seeking childminder representatives for the following groups:

  • NAPC Steering Group which will oversee the implementation of the Action Plan
  • NAPC 4 Advisory Groups: Regulation and Inspection, Training and Support, Funding and Financial Support, Consultation and Communication
  • Focus Groups

The Steering group will be established first, followed by the 4 Advisory Groups over the following months. Focus groups will be established for childminder representation and consultation throughout the pathway of the plan.

If you are interested in having your voice heard and participating on these groups, please follow the link which will close at 5pm on Friday 9th July.

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