A Treasure Basket is a low-sided basket or box filled with natural and everyday items that babies can explore by themselves. They can have lots of fun investigating the different items which helps them expand their thinking. Babies enjoy playing with treasure baskets from when they are able to sit up onwards. The Treasure Basket can be used indoors and outdoors.

Using a Treasure Basket gives babies the opportunity to explore with all their senses. They can feel, taste, hear, smell and see a variety of textures, experiment and make choices. It provides early experience of sorting and classifying items. It develops fine motor skills. It helps babies develop concentration.

For more information/tips and ideas take a look at the tip sheet on Treasure Baskets from the Aistear Síolta Practice Guide which explains how to prepare and introduce Treasure Baskets to babies https://www.aistearsiolta.ie/en/play/resources-for-sharing/using-a-treasure-basket-with-babies.pdf or visit https://www.betterstart.ie/2021/06/07/what-is-a-treasure-basket/ .

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