Talking with and listening to children provides us adults with a window of opportunity to understand what and how they are thinking.

In listening to the children’s ideas and experiences a whole range of exciting possibilities’ may emerge.  The challenge is to build on the  children’s points of interest.

  • What are your favourite Christmas decorations/gifts/cards? How might we make these? (ie using recycled materials)
  • What are our favourite Christmas songs and stories? Maybe we could act one out with costumes and home-made instruments out of recyclables!
  • Make a small world out of a box, with a chimney for Santa to slide down!
  • Maybe we could make cards and decorations for parents and family, especially those who may live away from Ireland! Set out a range of materials, including coloured paper and cellophane, recycled Christmas cards and tags, tinfoil, glitter, sequins, and ribbon for inspiration.

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