On 27 January the HPSC published new isolation guidance for children. Slightly prior to that, on 14 January, the HPSC issued new infection prevention and control guidance for Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare settings.

The Department have received a number of queries from ELC/SAC providers, parents and representative groups about the new guidance. The Department directed these queries to the HPSC who have produced a letter (below) and a step by step advice in relation to children and COVID-19 (below) to clarify the guidance.

Letter to Parents

This letter is from the HPSC to parents of children who attend early learning and childcare, including childminding facilities. We would be grateful if you and your staff could read this letter and also forward it to the parents of children attending your setting.

The letter contains key messages on:

  • Symptoms
  • Being outdoors
  • What to do when a child has a positive test result
  • Information in relation to close contacts

Children and COVID-19

This updated public health advice from the HPSC for ELC and SAC, including childminding settings contains information on:

  • Before attending and symptoms
  • What to do when a confirmed case of Covid-19 arises that is connected with the Early Learning and Childcare setting
  • HSE live Covid-19 helpline


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