The Programme Support Payment (PSP) is now open for applications on the Early Years Hive until Friday, 24th June 2022 Payments will issue after the application process ends.

The PSP application is completed on the Programmes page of the Hive. Guidance material including screen shots explaining how to apply through the Hive is available on the Useful Links page here.

Late applications for PSP will not be accepted.

Please note that all important dates are added to the Early Years Hive announcement calendar page for your benefit.

Service Providers must be on-boarded on the Early Years Hive in order to submit the PSP application form. If you are new to Hive and looking to on-board your service, please see the on-boarding page of Hive for more information.

Calculation of PSP 2021/2022

The PSP for this programme cycle involves a calculation that includes the National Childcare Scheme (NCS), ECCE and CCSP Saver Programme.

PSP is calculated based on a period in time referred to as the “snapshot” period. A number of different snapshot periods during the programme year have been used to calculate PSP since it was introduced in June 2017. For programme year 2021-22 February 2022 has been selected as an equitable point on which to base the ECCE, NCS and CCSP Saver Programme PSP payments.

PSP is calculated as equal to 8 days’ (1.6 weeks’) registrations for ECCE at Standard Capitation, 1.25 weeks for NCS, and 20 days’ (4 weeks’) registrations for CCSP Savers, in respect of the 2021/22 programme cycle.

While the calculation in unchanged from last year, funding for individual providers may differ from last year depending on registrations.

PSP Payments

PSP will be paid on the basis that any outstanding compliance/verification issues have been addressed and resolved.

If you have more than one contract/funding agreement, you will receive a separate PSP payment relative to each contract/funding agreement, it will not be a combined single payment.

For the CCSP Saver Programme the PIP portal will show the amount and the remittance advice you receive will include a description of the payment as in previous years.

For ECCE and NCS the HIVE will display the amount awarded as an allocation with a clear description which can be viewed as a Budget Line under Programme Funding.

The PSP allocation will be linked to the payment which will allow services to see the date of the payment.

PSP amounts will be populated once the application process is complete.

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