Why is Play important?

Play allows children to learn about the world around them. Children need to have a variety of experiences to help them explore their world and practise skills that are important for learning, such as sharing and taking turns. Research has shown that play stimulates language development and that children often use higher forms of language when playing. All forms of play, either with other children or adults, increases exposure to words or promotes new word learning.

Top Tips While You Play Set aside time for play every day. Play does not have to involve ‘’toys’’. Follow your child’s lead in what and where they want to go. Play like a child. Try not to take over the play or to ‘do it the right way’. Try not to ask too many questions. Comment on what you or your child is doing. Have fun!

For more information visit https://ncse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Ideas-for-Play-at-Home.pdf

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