Under the Core Funding Programme service providers are required to Review and Confirm their Core Funding Application information throughout the programme year.
The second Review and Confirm window opened today Wednesday 29 March until Friday 7 April inclusive. It is important the Review and Confirm process is completed within the required timeframe, as Core Funding payments will be placed on hold until such a time as the process is completed.
Please note, the late submission of a Review and Confirm form noting a decrease to the base rate value will be effective from the change effective date rather than the last day of the review and confirm window.
To complete the Review and Confirm process your Core Funding Application Module must be at status ApprovedIf your application is at ‘Referred Back’ you must address the reason for refer back and then complete the review and confirm process.
To support services in completing a Review & Confirm form, a detailed guidance document and tailored training videos are available here.

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