The Fee Table and Parent Statement for the 2023/2024 programme year are now available on the Early Years Hive.

Submitting and maintaining an up-to-date Fee Table and Parent Statement are mandatory requirements under DCEDIY-funded schemes.

You are required to submit your 2023/2024 Fee Table and Parent Statement on the Early Years Hive before 21 August 2023, to avoid payments being placed on hold.

Both the Fee Table and Parent Statement must be issued to parents and signed by the provider and parent/guardian within 20 working days of the child starting in the service.   Both must be kept on file and made available for compliance.

The Parent Statement must be kept updated and issued to parents if there are changes to the Fee Table and/or level of service provided throughout the year, however the parent/guardian does not need to sign it again.

Where do I submit my Fee Table and Parent Statement?

The Fee Table can be submitted on the Service Fees page and the Parent Statement can be submitted on the Online Parent Statement page. Both pages are located under the My Account menu on the Early Years Hive.

The Fee Table must be completed in advance of submitting your Parental Statement, as your fee information is auto populated into the Parent Statement.

How do I submit my Fee Table and Parent Statements?

Guidance on creating and submitting Fee Tables and Parent Statements is available in the Help & Support section of the Early Years Hive under the Resources menu.

Your Fee Table and Parent Statement can be printed in either English or Irish from the Early Years Hive and must be displayed in a prominent location in your facility, as well as on any online platform maintained by the service for the purpose of advertising or providing information to parents/guardians.

Please note Partner Services contracted under Core Funding should not increase the fees charged to parents/guardians for the same services as of 30 September 2021.

A Partner Services indicator has been added to the Childcare Search page of the NCS website which enables parents to understand which service providers are Partner services.

What is different compared to previous years?

The Fee Table replaces the separate Fees Lists for each registration-based programme (NCS, ECCE, CCSP Saver Programme). This means that only one Fee Table will be submitted for each ELC/SAC facility.

The Parent Statement replaces the Fees Information Letters for ECCE and the CCSP Saver Programme, as well as the NCS Parental Agreement.

The table below outlines the changes in administration and documentation which are brought about by the new Fee Table and Parent Statement.

Previous YearsThis Year
Fees List submitted for ECCEOne Fee Table per ELC / SAC facility incorporating all programmes
Fees List submitted for NCS
Fees List submitted for CCSP Savers Programmes
Fees Information letter for ECCE  One Parent Statement per family/ Per ELC/SAC facility
Fees Information letter for CCSP Savers Programmes
NCS Parental Agreement
Parental Declaration form for ECCEApplicant Declaration form for ECCE
Parental Declaration form for CCSP Savers ProgrammeApplicant Declaration form for CCSP Savers Programme
Service provider must print and display Fee List per programme and Parent StatementService provider must print and display most recent Fee Table and Parent Statement

Summary of steps required by Service Providers in relation to Fee Tables and Parent Statements

Complete and submit Fee Table on Early Years Hive21 August – if not submitted, payments will be placed on hold
Update and submit the Parent Statement on Early Years Hive using the link on Fee Table or through My Account menu.21 August – if not submitted, payments will be placed on hold
Issue Parent Statement to parent/guardians for signature.  Service provider must also sign.Within 20 working days of the child beginning in the service.
Display printed versions of Fee Table and Parent Statement in the facility.Immediately
ECCE / CCSP  Applicant DeclarationsMust be given to parents for signature on submission of registrations, and must be signed by Parent/Guardian and kept on file.  An updated version must be sent to parents when there is a change in the level of service
Core Funding – August Review and Confirm1 August – 31 August

Training and support

Training on the Fee Table and Parent Statement was held on 28 and 31 July, with a further session being held at 6.30pm on 1 August. See the invite announcement posted on Friday 21 July if you would like to attend the final live session. A recording of this training, as well as the slides used during it, will be available on the Early Years Hive shortly.

Should you have any further queries, you can contact the Early Years Provider Centre (EYPC) by raising a Request on the Early Years Hive using the following categories:

  • Programme: Service Fee Table & Parent Statement
  • Request type: Service Fee Table / Parent Statement
  • Request type detail: Clarification / How To / Technical Issue

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