This is a reminder that the February Review and Confirm window for the 2023/2024 programme call is now open until 12 February.

This process enables Core Funding payments to continue by facilitating Partner Services to review their most recent application information and either confirm that no changes have occurred or submit an application change.

Preparing for Review and Confirm

Prior to completing the February Review and Confirm window the below is required:

Partner Services must ensure that all data captured in their Service Profile in relation to their Service Level, Rooms, Sessions and Staff is up to date prior to completing the Review and Confirm window.

Your Core Funding Application Module must be at status “Approved”.  If your application is at “Referred back”, you must address the reason for refer back and then complete the review and confirm process.

To support services in completing their Review & Confirm form, additional resources are available on the Core Funding Documents page on the Early Years Hive.

Core Funding Payments

After the review and confirm window is closed, Core Funding payments will only continue to be processed as per the payment schedule on HIVE provided your February Review and Confirm is at an approved status.

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